What is an Electronic Cigarette

The E-Cigarette or electronic cigarette is one of the newest and most successful alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes on the market today.

The electronic cigarette can look and act like a real cigarette, except that it does not burn any tobacco.

How Does An Electronic Cigarette Work

There are two or three main parts to an electronic cigarette

  • A Cartridge or tank
  • An Atomizer (sometimes the atomizer and cartridge are combined in one, commonly called a cartomizer, making it a 2 piece)
  • A Battery

The cartridge or tank contains a liquid that determines the flavour and nicotine strength of your e-cigarette.

Cartridges can be purchased empty or pre-filled with almost any flavour you can think of and in nicotine levels from 0mg to 40mg

Batteries are the key to a great e-cigarette experience, the larger the battery, the less often you will need to recharge it, smaller 510 type batteries may require charging several times a day, whereas larger capacity batteries may only need a re-charge once a day or every few days depending on how often you use it , so when choosing the type and style of e-cig you want to use it depends on how much you used to smoke , the bigger the habit the bigger the battery you will need.

Batteries also come in Manual and Automatic depending on your preference.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Electronic Cigarettes?

  • No tar or carbon-monoxide, in fact, electronic cigarettes contain about 1400 less chemicals than regular tobacco cigarettes.
  • Control your nicotine level.
  • Electronic cigarettes let YOU choose how much nicotine if any.
  • No more smelly clothes , car or home.
  • No more bad breath or stained yellow teeth.
  • The freedom to smoke without worrying about second hand smoke.
  • Save money. Once your setup and using an electronic cigarette instead of tobacco the ongoing costs should be much cheaper than smoking.
  • Non-Flammable. No more burns in couches, car seats, clothing etc.
  • Easy to use, like anything new there is a learning curve, but most people adapt very quickly.

Who shouldn’t use an electronic cigarette?

  • E-cigarettes are designed to be used by long term committed smokers as an alternative to smoking tobacco.
  • People under the age of 18. Sales are restricted to people over the age of 18.
  • Woman who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you have an existing medical condition, consult your Doctor first.

An e-cigarette (otherwise known as an e-cig, ecig, digital cigarette, personal vaporiser or PV is an electronic device that vaporises an eLiquid and is designed to simulate the act of smoking. In fact, it is a “cigarette alternative device”. An e-cigarette can replicate the “hand to mouth action”, a visible cloud on exhale (vapour not smoke) and even the little LED light on the end.


  1. A battery. Many different ranges and sizes more commonly referred to by the mAh (Milliamps Hour) capacity i.e 650mAh or 900mAh. The more common batteries for starter kits range in capacity from 180mAh to 1000mAh. Generally the bigger capacity the bigger the batteries physical size (1000mah is cigar sized, so not dramatically huge but not small as a standard “analog” cigarette either). This is an important thing to take into consideration when selecting an e-cig to meet your needs however a bigger battery capacity means less time charging and more time spent “vaping”.Although a lot of beginners struggle with the idea of using a large Vaporiser and are sometimes better to start with an e-cig similar in size to a traditional cigarette until they accept the fact that they are no longer smoking , and embrace Vaping for what it is , then the visual side is not so important.
  2. An atomiser. Or “atty” which generally contains a “coil” which the battery heats in order to “atomise” or “vaporise” your “eJuice” or “eLiquid” that is contained in your….
  3. Cartridge, Tank or Cartomiser Which you fill with your eLiquid or eJuice. A “cartridge” generally has a filler material which you can fill a variety of ways and they come in varying sizes and capacities. A tank is usually just that, but has no filler material, but instead “wicks” the eJuice onto the atomiser’s coil. A “cartomiser” is a combination of atomiser and cartridge in one unit and turns your 3 piece eCigarette into a 2 piece.

Without getting too confusing to begin with let’s recap

  • A battery powers your eCigarette, Personal Vaporiser, eCig or as I like to call mine PV.
  • An atomiser connects to a battery and it heats the liquid into vapor
  • A tank will fit a matching tank atomiser and you fill a tank with eJuice
  • A cartridge will fit a matching atomiser and has a filling material that you fill with eJuice.
  • A cartomiser is an atomiser, and a cartridge in a handy little disposable unit. A cartomiser will screw directly on to a complimentary battery.

It is important to remember.

  • Different people like different things
  • You are here because you are interested in an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.
  • This is not smoking. There is no smoke. It is generally a mix of vaporised “Propylene glycol” and or “Vegetable Glycerin” that have concentrated food grade flavouring added. There are literally thousands of flavours available out there in the world. PG & VG are the main base ingredients both safe fluids on their own.

  • This is not a registered “Smoking Cessation Device”
  • This is not a “QUIT Smoking” device
  • Whilst there are “cigarette” looking eCigarettes available in the market place, we believe that an important factor of changing brands is to do just that, make a change. From our personal experiences and that of many others, cheaper is almost always destined to require a greater outlay of capital due to non-performance and the relative disposability that they are designed and sold for. We sell only Genuine products.
  • We will not sell to anyone known to or reasonably believed to be under the age of 18 years.